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Global Irish
Tribal Challenge

Leading Tribes of Ireland

 Rank  Tribe  County  Province  Score  Members
1st O'Riordan Cork Munster (South) 30,160 14
2nd Doran Wexford Leinster (East) 29,400 7
3rd McGovern Clare Munster (South) 27,430 7
4th Campbell Armagh Ulster (North) 18,210 1
5th Norris Kilkenny Leinster (East) 16,780 5
6th Galvin Kerry Munster (South) 8,660 2
7th Maher Tipperary Munster (South) 8,390 4
8th Drynan Kilkenny Leinster (East) 8,260 1
9th Kelly Kilkenny Leinster (East) 7,670 27
10th Breslin Donegal Ulster (North) 6,090 5
11th Torley Down Ulster (North) 5,140 2
12th Gill Donegal Ulster (North) 5,000 2
13th Duggan Donegal Ulster (North) 4,920 2
14th Murphy Wexford Leinster (East) 4,730 126
15th O'Neill Derry Ulster (North) 4,670 20
16th Ryan Tipperary Munster (South) 4,500 23
17th McElligott Kerry Munster (South) 4,470 5
18th Murphy Dublin Leinster (East) 4,260 133
19th Kenny Wexford Leinster (East) 4,210 2
20th Boyle Donegal Ulster (North) 3,950 7

Leading Players of Ireland

 Rank  Tribe  County  Province  Score
1st Doran Wexford Leinster (East) 18,630
2nd Campbell Armagh Ulster (North) 18,210
3rd McGovern Clare Munster (South) 11,920
4th Drynan Kilkenny Leinster (East) 8,260
5th Maher Tipperary Munster (South) 7,820
6th Norris Kilkenny Leinster (East) 7,460
7th Doran Wexford Leinster (East) 6,300
8th McGovern Clare Munster (South) 5,600
9th McGovern Clare Munster (South) 5,490
10th O'Riordan Cork Munster (South) 5,190
11th O'Riordan Cork Munster (South) 4,790
12th Gill Donegal Ulster (North) 4,580
13th Galvin Kerry Munster (South) 4,520
14th Norris Kilkenny Leinster (East) 4,500
15th McElligott Kerry Munster (South) 4,450
16th Doran Wexford Leinster (East) 4,390
17th Breslin Donegal Ulster (North) 4,290
18th Kenny Wexford Leinster (East) 4,200
19th Galvin Kerry Munster (South) 4,140
20th Duggan Donegal Ulster (North) 3,930

Top Movers of Ireland

 Rank  Tribe  County  Province  Score  Members
1st McCabe Cavan Ulster (North) 940 1
2nd Browne Mayo Connacht (West) 250 1
3rd (mac)caughey clan Antrim Ulster (North) 80 1
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  3. Build your clan by adding new family members.
  4. Stay tuned to see how you can cash in your clan's points, play more games and join your Tribal community!