About Ireland101


Ireland101's vision and mission is to 'Connect people around the world who have Irish ancestry and cultural connections to Ireland'.


Ireland's President Higgins family message

Our TEDx talk about family gatherings


We want to:


  • Distil amazing Irish culture and heritage and share it in a truly innovative and fun way across the Global Irish Diaspora and people who love Ireland
  • Host all the essential '101' content and heritage information that we should all know, celebrate and protect, as part of the Global Irish community
  • Make your connection to Ireland more and more relevant to your daily life, no matter where you live, '24/7'
  • Enable your relationship to grow between you and your Irish regions of ancestral origin, and make sure it is a two-way relationship over time
  • Create online environments that foster group learning and sharing about Irish culture and heritage
  • Help everyone share the culture and heritage information we should all know, from famous Diaspora who lived (and live) great lives, to great stories from across the Global Irish community
  • Direct you to the best genealogy resources across the island of Ireland
  • Help 'Active Diaspora' to visit Ireland, support Irish arts and crafts, support Irish Business, and support important Irish community projects that help your regions of ancestral origin

We hope you like our webpages and games. Please do send on your feedback and we hope you will support our projects, our partners and our sponsors.


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