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Counties of Ireland - Cork

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County Cork coat of arms

Dubbed the "Rebel County", Cork is known throughout Ireland for its independent (and sometimes a bit cheeky) spirit, having produced such individuals as Michael Collins, the family of James Joyce and Henry Ford (in fact, Ford's first European plant opened in Cork in 1917). Comic Tommy Tiernan once joked that, had astronaut Neil Armstrong been from Cork, after his first steps on the moon, he might've remarked, "Well, it's not Cork," and this sums up the Corkonian attitude perfectly. Cork people are proud of their county and of their uniquely sing-songy Irish dialect, which is largely unintelligible to the rest of Ireland and, indeed, the world.

Haven Coast, Inchydoney beach, Co. Cork

The largest county in the Republic of Ireland, Co. Cork is understandably a popular holiday destination for Irish and international tourists alike. It enjoys warm weather and a huge coastline dotted with scenic villages and golden beaches.

Blarney Castle, Co. Cork

Kinsale Harbour, Co. Cork

Cork is also known for its love of food and has become a gastronomic destination in recent years. Fresh produce and artisanal Irish foods are available at places like the Cork English Market in Cork City – purportedly Queen Elizabeth's favourite stop on her 2011 tour of Ireland – while gourmet restaurants and culinary schools, including the celebrated Ballymaloe House and Cookery School are a way of life in Cork.

English Market Cork, Co. Cork

Cork has the type of rolling green hills so often associated with Ireland, as well as rivers – the Bandon, Lee and Blackwater run through the county – and mountains, such as Slieve Miskish, the Caha Mountains and, of course, the ever-so-scenic Beara Penninsula in West Cork, a popular spot for holidaymakers, thanks to its quaint villages along the rugged coastline.

Allihies and Slieve Miskish Mountains, Beara, Co. Cork

In Cork City, you can explore intriguing Irish history, from Viking invaders (9th-10th centuries) to the butter trade (17th-20th centuries), while the surrounding areas offer a wealth of activities, from the infamous Blarney Stone to the colourful shops of seaside Kinsale and some of the best whiskey in Ireland at the Midleton Distillery.

Ballymaloe House, Hotel and Restaurant, Co. Cork

101 Must-Do’ ways to live your regional connection.

Our 101 team have been working with local tourism, business, community and Council initiatives to bring you some of the best ways for you to live your connection to Cork.


#7 Paul J. Lareau

Beannachtaí ar fad. This is a grandfather's first introductory virtual visit to Cork and Ireland, where our granddaughters have recently taken up residence as UCC students. We physically reside in Minnesota in the north central USA. They are excited, and so are we.

#6 Gerusa Bernardes

Thanks a lot Sean! It wouldn’t keep me from going anyway, but now I feel more confident!

#5 Sean Power

Gerusa Bernardes, don't worry at all about the accent difference between Irish English and American English.. .not a problem whatsoever.

#4 Gerusa Bernardes

I´ve been planning my trip to Ireland, specially to Cork since 2009, it´s been 10 years now! I´m finally getting on the plane this February. I´m brazilian, and have lived in the U.S for 3 years, and I´ve been working as a teacher since I came back from U.S ( 2011) , AND the thing that scares me the most is about the accent difference that I might find once I arrived there... Is this true? should I be that scared? Is it Irish English so different from American English as people use to say?

#3 Stephen Treacy

...Gail, it is not expensive to move to Cork. But it is a great city and beautiful county, so you may never leave! West Cork in particular is absolutely beautiful. And great craic.

#2 Gail Kathryn Foster-Mybur

Is it expensive to emmigrate to cork

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