Living in Ireland

So you’ve fallen for an Irish girl or guy, you want to live where your Irish ancestors lived, or you’ve just realised that Ireland is the best well-rounded place to live in the Europe where we invented that work-life balance thing. Well, sure why don’t you move here? The people are Ireland’s greatest asset and by living here you get to make real friendships and enjoy a unique culture. So where to begin?

Working Holiday Maker Visa Ireland

The Working Holiday Maker Scheme allows a person aged between 18 and 29 (inclusive) to come to Ireland for up to one year, as a tourist and work casually in order to fund their stay.

Where to find a place

Go to to rent a house/apartment. At you can also search for people to share houses/apartments, which will be a quick way to get to make new friends.

Where to find a job

Go to or As with every other major city you might save your own time and avoid recruiters.


You can set up bank accounts with any number of banks but the newer ones like TSB are easier to deal with. The old school banks like Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Banks may drive you to a whole new state of crazy with their old school procedures.

What’s different about Ireland when you live here?

People, people, people. You tend to laugh a lot more in Ireland versus other countries because basically people don’t take themselves too seriously. Whether it’s the taxi man or your boss there is more of a relaxed atmosphere in Ireland. Sure it’s not like an Ireland gone by where no one had a care in the world but still the Irish maintain that balance in life that we need. Work does not define who you are rather it facilitates what you do and buys you a couple of pints along the way!

And finally…

When you do move to Ireland make sure you use Ireland as a base to see the near by and cheap to get to ( European cities on a monthly basis!

Cultural Map of Ireland