Irish Geography

Ireland’s Geography

Ireland is a place of incomparable beauty. Here, velvet blue skies flank rolling green hills; ancient stone cliffs are battered by crashing waves, and crystal lakes shimmer in the sun. An island situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, Ireland features low central plains surrounded by a ring of coastal mountains. The highest of which, Carrauntoohil, rises 1,041metres (3,415 ft) above sea level. The coastline is rocky and rugged, and the land is bisected by the river Shannon which flows from Ulster to the Atlantic. There are well over 12,000 km (4,633 miles) of bog land as well as a number of sizeable lakes. Ireland is a wonderland of breathtaking natural landscapes and the following is a list of must see geography.

1. Cliffs of Moher’

Carved by a massive river delta over 320 million years ago, the mighty cliffs tower 214 meters (702 feet) over the Atlantic Ocean. They are located in Western Ireland.

2. The Ring of Kerry

This awe inspiring scenic pathway runs 193 Km (120 ml) through southwestern Ireland, and features a patchwork of lush meadows, glacial lakes and heather-topped mountains

3. Giant’s Causeway

A natural wonder comprised of polygon shaped rock columns. The causeway was formed by ancient volcanoes, and stretches along the coast like giant stepping stones.

4. Aran Islands

The countryside is captivating– with historic forts perched on cliff tops, wide sandy beaches and miles of rocky seascapes

5. Glenveagh National Park

Miles of rolling hills and forest land on the shore of lovely Lough Veagh.

6. River Shannon

This river runs through or between 11 of Ireland's counties, effectively dividing East from West. At 360.5 km (224 miles), it is the longest river in Ireland.

7. The Burren

Walking this unique landscape of ruts, fissures and rocky mounds, has been compared to walking on the moon. Sculpted through the centuries by acid erosion.

8. Conemmara National Park

Famous for its herd of Connemara Ponies, this wild countryside, sits at the feet of the famous Twelve Bens mountain range.

9. Glendalough / Wicklow National Park

Home to a collection of ancient ruins, Glendalough is located in Wicklough National Park, a haven of rolling meadows, vast lakes and hillsides of heather.

10. Cooley Penninsula

The remote Peninsula juts dramatically into the Irish Sea affording visitors striking views from the forested Mourne Mountains, or the rugged coastline.

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